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The City of Men: Epilogue (District 7)

Five years had passed since Julian’s family became a mono-parental one. In all this time, things had changed, even if ever so slightly.

The CPC had replaced the old government for a new one, formed by politicians from all over the old globe. It was still liberal and accepting of all kids of people, but more experienced in crime-run cities. The crime and the poachers were still there but their activities had descended quite a lot. This made Despes a place where women could now walk by themselves, at least on the more populated areas, without the old worries. A new department inside the DPF had been created to encourage kidnaped and sold women to escape from their “owners”. It was a big change that got them the necessary protection so they could live a free life again. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t safe the whole time, it wasn’t the same as before… But they were getting there, little by little, trying to make Despes the city it was supposed to be from the beginning.

The Georgia peach tree had finally borne fruit. The tree wasn’t full yet, that date was still in the future, but now five gorgeous, ripe peaches hung from its branches. The Mayor had declared that day a city-wide holiday and everybody was invited to the ceremony and speech he was going to give to honour the success of the miracle tree.

Julian and Sandy walked holding hands down the street in direction to the city square, where the ceremony was going to take place. The years had passed through them both, they looked older, but also happy. They had genuine smiles in their faces, the ones that reach your eyes and make you crinkle them with delight. They stopped, waiting for the light to change so they could cross the busy intersection when, suddenly, a woman’s voice, shaken with contained emotion, sounded right behind them.

"Sandra? Baby? Is that you?".

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